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    Nowadays, many transformer manufacturers aim to offer lowest price among the competition. Suppliers are trying to undercut each other more and more. But not Daihen Electric from Thailand. For this transformer manufacturer, the aspects of quality, reliability and long service life are more important than lowest price only. For many years, Daihen Electric has relied on its cooperation with Reinhausen in this regard.


    Through modern designs, strict quality controls and the use of durable, reliable components, Daihen Electric manages to offer a quality transformer at a competitive price. To be able to realize this, it needs strong partners and suppliers. That is why Daihen Electric has relied on MR's quality and reliability for many years. However, Daihen Electric does not only purchase products from MR, but also components from our Reinhausen subsidiaries, e.g. MESSKO or CEDASPE. This ensures product compatibility, good backup support, and on-time delivery.

    In a current project for the end customer National Power Supply Public Company Limited (NPS), Reinhausen supplied the following products to Daihen Electric: The VACUTAP® VV® on-load tap-changer, which is maintenance-free for 300,000 switching operations, four MESSKO® MTraB® maintenance-free dehydration breather, three MSENSE® DGA 3 sensors for real-time analysis of the transformer oil, as well as oil level indicators and thermometers, and also SBC composite bushings from 



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